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Jaime Hammer Nude Pictures, Video, Wallpapers, Downloads.

Jaime Hammer (born May 16, 1982) is a Playboy glamour model. Her Playboy Special Editions audition during her senior year at Arizona State University proved to be such a success that she became the cover girl for her first appearance in the magazine, the Spring 2004 College Girls issue (see image at right).

Hammer moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in modeling/entertainment. She has since appeared in numerous other Playboy Special Editions, appearing on three covers to date. She was Playboy's Cyber Girl for the week of May 23, 2005. More...

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Anna Marie Goddard Nude Pictures, Video, Wallpapers, Downloads.

Anna-Marie Goddard (born Anna Marie Lampe January 13, 1970, in Ysbrechtum, The Netherlands) is a Dutch-Frisian model and actress. She is married to American screenwriter/model Collin Goddard.
She was chosen as the U.S. Playboy's 40th Anniversary Playmate of the Month in January 1994. Anna-Marie was also the Playmate of the Year for the Dutch edition of Playboy. She has appeared in numerous Playboy videos. More here...

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Heather Spytek naked pics, online posters and bio.

Heather Spytek is an American model and actress. She was chosen as Playboy's Playmate of the Month in June, 2001 and has appeared in numerous Playboy videos.
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Blu Cantrell Pictures - Video - Photos - Wallpapers - Downloads.

Blu Cantrell (born Tiffany Cobb on October 1, 1976 in Providence, Rhode Island) is an American R&B singer. Cantrell was born into a family of jazz enthusiasts from Providence, Rhode Island. She and her five siblings were born to an Italian American mother who is a jazz singer.

In 2000 her sister was in a car accident when she was hit by a drunk driver on Atlanta's busiest highway, her sister was thrown from the car and hit the ground head first, and was in a coma for several weeks, but was able to pull out of it with slight memory loss. Blu says that it changed her outlook on life, and to take nothing for granted.

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Amanda Byram Pictures - Video - Photos - Wallpapers - Downloads. Amanda Byram online posters!

Amanda Byram (born 16 June 1973, in Dublin, Ireland) is an Irish television personality. She is originally from Castleknock in Dublin. She hosted the Fox reality tv game show, The Swan, and hosts the UK edition of Entertainment Tonight, currently broadcast on Sky One.

She started her career on television in 1999 presenting the TV3 morning show Ireland AM with Mark Cagney. She then moved to British television, primarily hosting The Big Breakfast on Channel 4 in 2001 and then appearing as a guest host on Liquid News on BBC 3 in 2002.
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