Tila Tequila model info, photos, wallpapers!

Tila Tequila playboy pics, photos and wallpapers online!

Tila Nguyen (born October 24, 1981 in Singapore), better known as Tila Tequila or simply Tila, is a Vietnamese American glamour model
and singer who is most notable by her appearances in automotive import magazines and films, as well as her impact on the MySpace community. She currently resides in Los Angeles. Although Tila is of Vietnamese descent, her family moved away from Vietnam when she was born. She and her family later moved to the Alief neighborhood of Houston, where she was raised. During most of her early childhood, she lived in a Buddhist temple, spending most of her time in a gated community. When she reached her adolescent years, she was released from the temple.

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Melina Velba roles!

Melina Velba playboy pics, photos and wallpapers online! Melina Velba was born on july 19, 1970 in the north western part of the czech republic, in a small town called Usti Nad Labem. Usti s not really a beautiful place. It is mainly dominated by industrial buildings and most of Usti's people make their low income in the chemical industry.

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Jessica Alba paty photos!

The Jessica Marie Alba pictures? wallpapers and other info! The Jessica Marie Alba pictures? wallpapers and other info!
Jessica Marie Alba (born April 28, 1981, in Pomona, California) is an American actress. She is known for her roles in movies such as Idle Hands, and her starring role in the TV series Dark Angel. She got her first starring movie role in Honey, and went on to appear in prominent roles in Sin City and Fantastic Four.
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Mayra Veronica photos, posters, calendars, other info HERE!

Mayra Veronica photos, posters, calendars, other info HERE!
Mayra led Films like PBS’ The Suitor, led in the feature Tumbe and countless Independent films. Shined on stage as the lead to McCarthy Theater’s Romeo and Juliet, A day in the Death of Joe Egg, and Kid Purple. Works for the Univision network’s Internationally renowned Host Don Francisco and acted in several Univision and Sabado Gigante sitcoms.

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Leeann Tweeden photos, posters, calendars, other info HERE!

Leeann Tweeden photos, posters, calendars, other info HERE!

Her work with Venus Model Search helped her land her first magazine cover, as she graced the cover of Swimwear USA Magazine. Although Leeann is said to not have worked with Hooters for a long period of time, her relationship with the restaurant chain did extend for several years.

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