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Caprice Valerie Bourret (born October 24, 1971) is an American fashion model and actress. Much of her career has been in the United Kingdom where she is often known by her first name.

In August 2006 Caprice was banned from driving for one year and ordered to pay $2,500 costs when she was found guilty of drunk-driving. It also emerged that she had the previous year decieved her lawyers with a forged letter reported to be written by Nancy Davies. She fooled them into using it to obtain money illegally for her from a newspaper who had said her future mother in law called her a golddigger. Caprice repaid the money and avoided facing a criminal charge.

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Naomi Watts Pictures - Video - Photos - Wallpapers - Downloads. Naomi Watts online posters and bio.

Naomi Watts (born September 28, 1968) is an Academy Award-nominated English-Welsh-Australian actress. Watts was born in Shoreham, Kent, England, where she lived until the age of eight. Her parents, Peter and Myfanwy Watts had separated when she was four years old, and when she was seven, her father died.

As of 2005-2006, Watts has been dating actor Liev Schreiber. She is a close friend of fellow Australian actress Nicole Kidman, they met when they were teenagers, and Benicio Del Toro, with whom she co-starred in 21 Grams. After filming her most recent movie, The Painted Veil, she has converted to Buddhism, claiming, “I have some belief but I am not a strict Buddhist or anything yet.

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Raven Symone Pictures, 2006 Video, Photos, Wallpapers, Downloads!

Raven-Symone Christina Pearman (born December 10, 1985 in Atlanta, Georgia) is an American actress, R&B and pop singer, songwriter, dancer, and producer. She is professionally known as Raven and Raven-Symone. "Symone" is always pronounced without the accent at the end, despite the spelling.

Raven began recording a new album right after she landed a deal with Hollywood Records. In September 2004 she released her third album This Is My Time it features R&B flavors, pop-rock songs and one song from a movie soundtrack she was featured on, in all there are 12 songs on the album. The album spawned the more successful hits "Backflip", "Bump", "Grazing in the Grass", and the title "This Is My Time". The album debuted at number fifty-one on the Billboard 200 selling 20,000 copies in the first week. It has been her biggest and most successful album yet. However, it has marked a new musical level for Raven.
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Ashley Tisdale - Filmography, Awards, Biography

Ashley Tisdale photos!

Ashley’s acting credits include among others a featured role in the film Donnie Darko with Jake Gyllenhall, Maggie Gyllenhall and James Duvall; she was a series regular on Nathan’s Choice, Mayor of Oyster Bay & The Howie Mandel Pilot. She had recurring
roles on the George Lopez Show, Still Standing and The Hughleys.

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Kimora Lee Simmons photo, Kimora Lee Simmons pic, Kimora Lee Simmons show, Kimora Lee Simmons bio, Kimora Lee Simmons nude.Kimora Lee Simmons picture, Kimora Lee Simmonsrussell and Russell.

Kimora Lee Simmons - model person, biography - wallpapers: Kimora Lee Simmons (born May 3, 1975 in St. Louis, Missouri) She was born to a Japanese mother and African-American father. Kimora is a fashion designer and former model married to hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons. They have two daughters, Ming Lee Simmons (born January 21, 2000) and Aoki Lee Simmons (born in August 2002). Both are models for Baby Phat Clothing. The couple shares an estate in Saddle River, New Jersey. She began her modeling career at age 13, and by age 14 (and six feet tall) was a muse for Karl Lagerfeld. Kimora was very self- conscious as a child because she was bi-racial. Kimora Lee Simmons founded the Baby Phat clothing line, featuring urban fashions for women (Baby Phat is an extension of Phat Farm, which her husband founded in 1992). Kimora Lee Simmons was one of the celebrity judges on the reality show America's Next Top Model. On July 26, 2004, Simmons was arrested outside their estate in Saddle River for eluding an officer, marijuana possession, cocaine possession and careless driving after a two mile chase that began near the Saddle River Police Station. Kimora was featured in an April, 2005 article in Vanity Fair magazine in which she repeatedly threatened to quot; beat a bitch's ass" if they dared to flirt with her husband, Russell Simmons. Kimora has been labeled the queen of conspicuous consumption of the new millenium.

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Mayra Veronica photos, posters, calendars, other info HERE!

Mayra Veronica photos, posters, calendars, other info HERE!
Mayra led Films like PBS’ The Suitor, led in the feature Tumbe and countless Independent films. Shined on stage as the lead to McCarthy Theater’s Romeo and Juliet, A day in the Death of Joe Egg, and Kid Purple. Works for the Univision network’s Internationally renowned Host Don Francisco and acted in several Univision and Sabado Gigante sitcoms.

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Melina Velba roles!

Melina Velba playboy pics, photos and wallpapers online! Melina Velba was born on july 19, 1970 in the north western part of the czech republic, in a small town called Usti Nad Labem. Usti s not really a beautiful place. It is mainly dominated by industrial buildings and most of Usti's people make their low income in the chemical industry.

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